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If I'm not mistaken, the RAF doesn't have AV-8 Harriers
All their harriers are either GR7 or GR9

The GR7 is, in essence, a licence-built American-designed AV-8B Harrier II fitted with RAF-specific navigation and defensive systems as well as other changes including additional underwing pylons for Sidewinder missiles. The improved design of the GR7 allows the aircraft to carry twice the load of a GR3 over the same distance or the same load twice the distance. First flight of the Harrier GR7 was in 1989, and deliveries to RAF squadrons began in 1990. A total of 96 aircraft were ordered, including 62 interim GR5s which were later modified to GR7 standard
By 1 April 2007, Joint Force Harrier (JFH) will operate an all Harrier GR9 fleet. The GR9 will be optimised for offensive support operations and be capable of employing the latest smart weapons such as the Brimstone anti-armour weapon. It will be a more capable platform in the offensive role than the GR7. Like the GR7 it will be able to utilise Sidewinder Air to Air missiles. The operational advantages of the GR9 over the GR7 include the capability to employ the latest generation of smart weapons such as Brimstone. There are other advantages too, but these are classified. The Harrier GR9 will be maintained in service until F-35 JSF is in service.

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