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June 8, 2001
Los Angeles, California --

Former talk radio host Anthony J. Hilder today claimed that he is not only on the verge of knowing the full identity but already has in his possession several clear, close-up photos of Mr. "John Doe" who will be named in Criminal Charges to be filed with the Lincoln County District Attorney's office in Nevada.

The charges stem from an incident that took place at a public event on Sunday, June 3, 2001 in Lincoln County.

The charges are also being filed by Ted Gunderson, retired FBI Senior Special Agent who, along with Hilder, were among the eye-witnesses to the incident that occurred on Groom Lake dirt road leading to the controversial Groom Lake test facility, commonly known as "Area 51".

Hilder today stated that he is on the verge of obtaining the full name, address and vehicle license number of Mr. "John Doe" and already has in his possession several surprisingly clear, close-up color facial photos all of which, he said, will soon be published on his website ( and will be posted "far and wide" elsewhere on the Internet, following a Press Conference to be held in Las Vegas shortly.

Hilder also stated that he has been in communication with several "officials" at Nellis Air Force Base Public Affairs Office in addition to Lincoln County Sheriff, Dahl Bradfield. Hilder confirmed that he as "assurance" that some "internal investigations" are under way by proper authorities affiliated with "the operating base near Groom Lake".

Mr. "John Doe", thought to be a government employee with clearance to the Test facility, is being accused of attempted vehicular manslaughter after he reportedly accelerated his vehicle towards a crowd of citizens who were gathered for a public Rally early on Sunday morning on Public Land next to the boundary line.

The incident was also recorded on film by a crew for the Discovery Channel TV.

Both Hilder and Gunderson say that they are bracing for any possible counter charges of "defamation" expected to be filed by Mr. "John Doe" once his identity is posted on the Internet.

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