Re: R-4808N Fixes and Janet Routes

Message posted by Manta on January 26, 2007 at 22:21:10 PST:

Jörg has done a great job of mapping the possible fix locations. It will be interesting to see if the fixes get renamed to confound the watchers. If that happens, I imagine it will end up causing more confusion to the controller and pilots.

Pyramid may refer to a physical object that looks like a pyramid, and the fix may be nearby. Scouting around, I found an interesting peak on Google Earth.
If you look at the Las Vegas Sectional Aeronautical Chart , you will note a spot elevation of 6330 ft. roughly 10 mi sw of Groom Lake.
It is on a north magnetic bearing from the circled "U", which indicates an unverified airstrip, the new one near Yucca Lake. I believe it is not far south of a road that ends at two concrete pads @ 37° 9'30.0"N, 15°55'55.0"W

If you go west northwest of there to 37° 9'49.42"N, 115°57'43.04"W (in the low resolution area), you will find a peak which MAY be the physical "Pyramid". Zoom/Descend to an altitude between 15,000 to 20,000 feet , and then use the vertical bar get a more horizontal view. Then use the rotate tool to circle the peak. What do you think?

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