Re: R-4808N Fixes and Janet Routes

Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on January 26, 2007 at 15:00:25 PST:

I agree that the new outer marker antenna for Groom Rwy.32R may just get washed out by the resolution of the image. I believe a building, even a small one as in your photo, would show up, though. Perhaps the electronics are still housed in the old building and underground cables feed the antenna in the new location? I doubt that this could be verified from Tikaboo due to the distance. I am trying to locate a sat. image prior to construction of the new runway. So far I was able to verify that the scraped area in question is already visible in a 1993 photo. The new runway was added in late 1992.

The XSD NDB and the outer marker are less than a mile from the northern fence of TTR and should be visible from public land. Unfortunately I won't be up there any time soon, but if anyone happens to come by there it would probably be worth checking out.

Not sure about your mystery road either. I agree that it appears well used. At one intersection you can see a white 55 gallon barrel. Those barrels with numbers on the side are used as markers all over the area around Groom. Just north of that intersection is a shiny object of some sort. Could be a parked vehicle, or a small guard shack. The latter would indicate that this is the southern border of the inner Groom perimeter. As you say, the road just seems to end, without a visible reason, about 3/4 mile north of the northern border of bombing range 64A. I guess we'll have to wait for better resolution coverage in that area.

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