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Message posted by lone wolf on January 23, 2007 at 14:34:32 PST:

obsolete with mil air:
base/mobile PRO-2035 PRO-2042 PRO-2045 PRO-2052
handheld PRO-26 PRO-43 PRO-60

Current production:

handheld; mil air with software mod; APCO trunking (Nellis)

mil air out of the box but no specs in the mil air band

The pro-97 goes on sale periodically for about $150. I like the signal stalker II feature. I got a used pro-2042 for $60. The problem is you need to program those old scanners by hand. Of course, the Red Flag frequencies don't change much.

The Uniden 996T is the only scanner with publish mil air specs and will also do Nellis trunking. Personally, I don't find it a big deal to use a couple scanners, so I use a pro-96 for trunking at Nellis and other bases with APCO. When I'm on Coyote, I park a scanner on the awacs, one on the roulette, and one just scanning all the known frequencies.

When I record on my notebook, I use base units with a multicoupler. The weak signal quality is better, and there is less (but still some) interference with the notebook RF noise. Most base units have a buffered recording jack.

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