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Message posted by werD on January 18, 2007 at 22:14:33 PST:

I think this government has some serious issues when it comes stepping into things it should not. As a sociologist, I participate in a discipline that is defined by calling common 'safe' assumptions into question. I STILL find that Bob Lazar's is not credible. I have not read anything that really makes it a logically convincing story.

What are the "lessons" of Bob's story? As someone who "knows the truth," what are you planning to do about it? Unfortunately, essentially nothing can be done if there is some great conspiracy against the American people. The government has already fatally damaged Lazar's credibility. The public really will not believe an unsubstantiated crazy story like his- regardless of whether it's true or not.

We can pretend one side has enough evidence to prove the other wrong... but in the end there is not enough fact to shoot down either side permanently. We have hunches, but hunches cannot be argued with.

So, for the sake of making good use of our time, how about we focus on topics that we have enough information on to have a discussion?

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