The Toronto Connection

Message posted by Maple37 on January 18, 2007 at 16:40:03 PST:

I have a good friend here who has just opened a bookstore here in Toronto called "Conspiracy Culture". He has LOTS of hard to find books on conspiracy, HAARP, technology and the usual antics people read about, and LOTS on Area 51. (He's not a UFOer). He has a DVD about Lazar as well. He has no website yet, but is a frequent visitor of DLR.

I rented a 4.5 hour DVD about the base tonight.

We have quite a bit that goes on here as well. If you google "Field Aviation" here at CYYZ, you will find some interesting connections that have had a few "visitors" to the base modifeid here. There is an AFMC 707 that "lives" here as well....

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