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Message posted by loopbacktest4echo on January 18, 2007 at 14:36:29 PST:

If Bob Lazar worked on secret projects at A51 or anywhere else for that matter and then talked about it publically he would have been in violation of his non-disclosure contract and would be subject to all the legal penalties listed in that contract which he committed to. More than likely he would have been facing heavy fines, loss of clearance, and maybe some federal prison time. His behavior of showing his friends his work would have been unethical at the least. The goverment operates by policies and proceedures, violate them and you don't get to work for the goverment and you may be prosecuted. However, identity erasure is not a penalty the goverment could realistically carry out. Now as to his story, it sounds like what I have seen on many occasions where workers have been brought into a secure area to perform a specific function and have seen something they don't fully understand and no-one is going to explain anything to them because they are not permitted. So they make alot of assumptions and their imaginations run wild which is made worse by the fact that they have agreed not talk about what they see so they are already expecting something big. I am not saying they do or do not have UFO's at A51, I am only saying that Lazars story dosen't add up. I would add that if you do get up close to a UFO check what color the inside is painted. If it is light green then it was built by our defense contractors.

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