Re: Bob Lazar

Message posted by The Major on January 18, 2007 at 10:43:48 PST:

No, THANK YOU for the laugh! We blissfully ignorant residents of La La Land (aka "OZ" - Over the rainbow, follow the yellow road, take the second star to the right. Big, green... Can't miss it.) are quite proud of our vehement resistance to your version of the truth!

I have always wondered why people believe the gubmint went through so much trouble to erase Lazar's credentials when they could have just KILLED him? Easier, cheaper, and they do it all the time to others who get close to the "truth"... right? Then again, maybe it IS that easy to erase credentials! After all, didn't Agent "K" do that very same thing with a few keystrokes on a desktop computer?

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