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Message posted by Howley on January 17, 2007 at 19:31:09 PST:

Back in the 70's Nixon gave some Turkeys and their Pheonix's to the Shah of Iran in order to combat Soviet Foxbats if needed. After the Shah fled and the Ayatolla took over it wasn't to comforting knowing an enemy had one of our best American built fighters in their arsenal so Grumman pulled out their technicians and we stopped sending them replacement parts to keep'em flying. So in all actuality, their Cats were mothballed long before ours. I'm sure if we were invading Iran, we wouldn't be too worried about their Tomcats.

Also, after the Grumman guys left, the IIAF F-14's couldn't light off their Pheonixes for some strange reason... Coincidence? I doubt it :-)

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