Re: Red Flag/Area 51 Trip

Message posted by Joe Inman on January 16, 2007 at 18:44:07 PST:

I was a t the speedway today for the first launch. Sounded on the scanner like a RF mission. I saw 2 b-2's, 2 b-1's, 8 tornadoes, loads of f-16's, f-15's and the awsomely ugly nimrod.

Also...saw a kc-130 refuel a helo right over I-15 near the carp elgin exit. Seemed kinda wierd to me.

Heard alot of chatter on 388.95 "ea-6b, bandsaw" (my bro-in-law flys the ea6b)..It was jarbled, I couldn't understand a word. I searched the band above and below with nothing else. Any ideas?

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