Red Flag/Area 51 Trip

Message posted by Rover Guy on January 16, 2007 at 13:36:22 PST:

Made the trip to Vegas this last weekend I went up to Rachel and Coyote Summit with my Dad and Brother on Monday 1/15 for the first time and battled 10 degree wind chill from 9-3PM and did not see or hear any flag going on. Did we go at the wrong time? The nice lady at The A'Le'Inn said that they usually run 2 missions a day but we did not see any. So we got coffee, bought 2 shirts and went out to the signs, mailbox, etc. Got some good photos (I will post a full trip report and pics later), no run-ins with camos, pretty noneventful which is good but still did not see very many people out in the area. I thought with the Holiday and Red Flag there would be a few. Still a good trip, very cold!!! I will have to get my fix of F-18s at Miramar as I live right next to the Marine Corp Base in San Diego. Would have been nice to see some Airforce Jets for a change.


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