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Area 51/JANET are mentioned many times in the first novel. A significant portion of the information I used in describing the function of both facilities came from the kind folks here. In The Hanson Conundrum (set entirely in the present day), Area 51 is the setting for a critical event towards the end of the novel. In fact, I finished writing the bulk of that section while in Okinawa.

To be honest, the second book of the trilogy has been a lot more fun and rewarding to write, but taking longer to do it (due to time constraints, mostly). I think it's been more enjoyable because
: 1) I know I can finish a novel now; 2) My writing is more polished (making fewer grammatical errors or catching them earlier); 3) I really like the characters I created (is that like "Freudian" weird?); 4) There is a lot more action involving seriously cool technology; 5) Relevant parts of Human nature and its' modern manifestations are explored, along with the resulting dangers humans face in an inescapable Darwinian system; 6) You could conceivably make the first book into a motion picture, it would be a crime not to make the second book into one (in my unassuming and extraordinarily humble opinion); 7) Lastly, the second book has been more fun to write because I am writing the FUN PARTS FIRST! Yep, the ol' "reaching one's elbow through the tookus approach." Hey, it might be a bit unorthodox, but it's working!

I do want to send a reassuring message to those who have, and are, busting their backsides in the high desert, supporting base operations and developing the technology that lend valuable support to military leaders that may place my son and daughter into harm's way. These books are not sensationalistic anti-Groom, anti-black project "hack jobs." I have done my best to recreate the work environment at Groom Lake, and the fictional "Cocheta" facility, based on my own military experience, and a healthy dose of information from this site. I make no accusations of impropriety at Groom Lake, and do not suggest outlandish projects or morgues full of dead aliens exist there (not even one or two living little green buggers on leashes). Fictional personnel at Groom Lake are portrayed in a believable, dignified manner.

I am looking forward to meeting as many of you Dreamland "Warriors" as possible this summer! Maybe even catch a little Red Flag action. Witnessing those aerial refuelings really whetted my appetite for observing high-performance aircraft in action!

Joerg, as details of the printing solidify (like where in the hell I'm going to store 1000, 350+ page books), I'll email you. One reputable printer says they can complete an order, emailed files to shipping, in less than 6 weeks! I just need to knock-off a few more liquor stores to fund it...

Jim, I really didn't write about specific Area 51 black projects other than those "end-products" that the public could readily identify (U-2, SR-71, F-111). Mostly, it was about a very loose, and very fictional, logistic connection with the equally fictional "Cocheta" facility in Canada. In the second book, the "incident" at Groom Lake will add a lot more base detail, but not much concerning past and present black projects.

Thanks, again, for all of the input and support!

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