Re: Happy New Year and an F-22A Question

Message posted by The Major on January 04, 2007 at 18:31:28 PST:

Sorry about the long delay in responding to the responses. My access to the internet in Okinawa has been very limited!

Mark, that was the concern that prompted the question. Can a Raptor utilize the 20mm cannon at supersonic speeds? I remember an old story about one of the vintage Korean War fighters, can't remember which, that was originally armed with a .50 Cal. The story goes that the jet could fly faster than the .50 cal bullets they shot. During a strafing run, the jet could literally come out of the dive and be hit with its' own bullets! The machine gun was axed and the jet fitted with a cannon, which eliminated the problem. Maybe it's an urban legend. Still, I need to be completely accurate about the F22A's capabilities, especially when it comes to the use of it's cannon. The reasons I need to know this will be posted in an upcoming thread.
Also, a hearty "You're Welcome" to all at the Resort who expressed their gratitude to my children and I! You know, I couldn't be prouder of my Marine kids! Like all young men and women who join the military and find themselves venturing into uncharted, and sometimes dangerous waters, they are stressed, but adapting. Both are serving your country well, and I know they appreciate the gratitude shown by folks like you - the ones that made and keep this country great!

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