Re: R4808N Airspace NAVAIDS & Fixes

Message posted by lone wolf on January 02, 2007 at 20:00:32 PST:

You can always file a FOIA. Somebody has to keep these lawyers entertained. ;-) Maybe these fixes are in the "flimsy", which is the Nellis range flight operation manual. My request was somewhat turned down, but not outright. I'll have to dig up the letter to give a better explanation.

I really don't understand why the Edwards range manuals are on the net, and I can't even get a printed copy of the Nellis range manual.

Getting back to the fixes, I saved the last set of of "flip" documents before they were removed from the net. The fixes should correspond to military flight routes, i.e. the fix should be on the route, most likely where routes intersect.

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