Re: R4808N Airspace NAVAIDS & Fixes

Message posted by Frank Stamm on January 02, 2007 at 9:57:49 PST:

This may or may not help but in the civil and known mil aviation world the routes and fixes exist to keep planes from flying into terrain. In R-4808 the same principal would apply. Should the entire region be low IFR the fixes and routes would have navigation and altitude assignments for arriving and departing aircraft. The fixes could be a radio beacon or an intersection of radials from two beacons. A fix must be determined in the cockpit from nav receivers. There are VFR landmarks used in verbal clearances, but aren’t used in an IFR clearance.
All this being said I believe that R-4808 and TTR have established IFR routes and fixes on a series of plates available on a “need to know” basis. In the IFR world “radar vectoring” is also an accepted nav procedure for a crew not in possession of the plates.
I would use a terrain map to help determine where these fixes are. As discussed here a while back the altitudes flown by the Janets are a clue because of the terrain.
Has anyone ever tried to follow a Janet with binoculars as they transitioned from LAS space to the R space? A B-737 is visible at 16,500 feet.
Most of us have seen the floating light over Groom in the early AM, Janet flt 323 I believe, could that be a clue?
Hope some of this helps, I will continue to investigate some nav data.
Happy New Year to all.

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