R4808N Airspace NAVAIDS & Fixes

Message posted by Les Parson on December 31, 2006 at 6:28:13 PST:

I have prepared a .PPT map of NAVAIDS/Fixes for assumed R4808N site departures and arrivals; unfortunately, I don't know how to attach a .PPT to this posting?

Since these NAVAIDS/Fixes not publicly available, these assumptions are based on available ATC audio files, and a review of a Jan 2006 posting. As such, the following assumptions have been made:

1.) "PLANET" = MCY NDB; as common entry/exit point re R4808N.

2.) "PYRAMID" = PYD NDB; somewhere SW of the airport, on or near NV11, and ideal entry for left base leg Rwy 32.

3.) "TEDDY" = Fix believed to be on final Rwy 32.

4.) "ABBEY" = Fix believed to be on MCY VOR 255R / approx 20NM.

5.) "SHOWW" = Fix believed to be in vcnty of PYD.

6.) "FIDOE" = Fix believed to be well inside Nellis airspace that is often requested by WWW southbound.

Again, of course all are assumptions only , with opinions solicited.

Can someone explain how to attach a .PPT?


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