Re: tikaboo?

Message posted by Hank on December 27, 2006 at 15:49:23 PST:

When Freedom Ridge and Whitesides were view spots it may have caused them some concern, thus the land grab. With Tikaboo being almost double the distance I believe their level of concern is not as high. The very best photos on the net are the ones Joerg took for his last panorama. As great as they are its hard to see minute details from 23 miles away.If you got in your car and left your house and drove at 60 miles an hour for 23 minutes then stopped and tried to see your house even with great optics that is what you deal with on Tikaboo, plus the weather. Ive been on the mountain when you couldnt even see the base with good optics. So I see no reason for them to take more land. (but with the government you never Know)

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