Re: Criminal Charges to be filed against

Message posted by Curtis on June 06, 2001 at 18:06:32 PST:

After the man sped by, the first thing I thought to myself was that he did not want to be identified. This is similar to the cammo dudes when they put down their sun visors when you look at them through binoculars. After replaying this event in my mind over and over again, it is possible that this man was told to do what he did.

I remember hearing a noise coming down Groom Lake Road. I turned my head and saw a truck driving very fast at the crowd. Many people were yelling, "watch out! Watch out!" The Discovery crew grabbed their cameras and ran to the side of the road as did everyone else.

I was unable to catch his name, but there was a tall man with a long bear who caught this whole event on camera. There may have been a few others who got this on tape, but of course, everyone was trying to get to the side of the road as quickly as possible.

This criminal charge will be an uphill battle. I would not be surprised if nothing happens as with the case of the death of former emloyees who died from toxic waste at the base.


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