Re: How do test aircraft get to Groom?

Message posted by Tony moore on December 17, 2006 at 19:32:45 PST:

I just happened to be at Burbank airport the night the last C-5 landed. I was securing a hangar that stood right next to runway 08 for the night and heard an aircraft approaching that sounded very different from the usual airliners that ran in and out of there. I stepped outside the door that faced the runway and was greeted with a fully rotated C-5 just touching down less than 100 yards away(The hangar I was leaving was an old one and later torn down for being way to close to the runway). I do remember that right after the wing swept past me, the flight crew somehow got the aircraft stopped BEFORE it made it to the runway intersection where it then turned into the old Lockheed plant and it's nose was taxied into the large assembly hangar just like the good ol' 117 days in the early 80's. Back then we used to go down and park along Vineland Blvd. at the end of runway 08, which has the ILS system, on Friday nights at 10:00pm to watch the "secret cargo airplane" landing. You could hear it all the way across the San Fernando Valley as it made it's approach and I was really suprised to see a C-5 back there after so many years knowing all that all the F-117's had been delivered. I was later told that it took a UAV aircraft called the Boeing "Condor" for a ride to Seattle.

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