Help with Nevada Test Site Visit

Message posted by Steve P. on December 06, 2006 at 11:30:09 PST:


This coming January I am going to be in Vegas for a meeting with a society I am in, and I wanted to organize a trip to the Nevada Test Site for myself and some other members.

I called and e-mailed them and was able to get a tour approved, which involves some drive-bys of some semi-interesting things.

However, I am told that there are no cameras, Geiger counters or other such things allowed and that the tour will be basically the standard issue bus trip.

I know that there are ways of getting a better deal than this, because I have seen documentaries filmed there and I have found websites of student photography projects of the old test sites, as well as college professors who have taken classes there for various trips.

I was hopping I could somehow BS my way into getting arrangements like this, and I sent them emails which indicated that we were interested in doing some filming and offered to do so only in approved areas or to have the images and video pre-screened by censors or to even have a staff member take some of the photos.

However, they really have been no help at all, and I've just gotten short emails back saying something like "Unfortionately, we do not allow visitors to take photographs within the boundaries of the test site" or "Our tours do not include the areas you have mentioned except as viewed from the tour bus"

I don't suppose anyone has any ideas what strings would need to be pulled to get a little more thrown in?


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