fighter weapons school radio traffic

Message posted by joe inman on December 05, 2006 at 18:18:17 PST:

I live in cedar city utah. Approx. 50 miles east of panaca nv. Today around 15:00 utah time, I could see contrails north of Caliente. Clearly it was military operations , my guess FWS. Very agrressive and fast flying, steep climbs, loops and sharp turns. It was pretty cool to see the trails from 60 miles away. Normally I pick up radio traffic from the Caliente MOA with my pro-2006 mounted in my truck. I have most of the freqs posted on this site. Today not a sound. Did any of the regulars hear anything. Are there some new frequencies? I figure they were raptors. I usually hear them at the same time almost everyday. Any help would be appreciated.

ps. It sure looked like a fun ride.


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