Message posted by Alex (UK) on December 05, 2006 at 13:07:22 PST:

Hey, its my first post on this site for a while lol
anyway, i saw a video a while back of one of those infamous "black triangle/stealth blimp" aircraft. What puuzzled me (apart from the fact there was a whopping great triangular aircraft in the sky) was the fact it was moving so slowly...and it was highly visible even at night due to the lights on the underside of it. Why, if these aircraft are meant to be secret, do they fly so slowly, with the lights on so brightly, and fly on nights where their outline can be clearly made out? as i dont believe in little green men visiting earth at all, i dont believe its extra terrestrial activity, i just think its the airforce playing with their new toys....but why are they making these craft so high visibility? any ideas anyone?


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