The New Area 51

Message posted by sundance on December 04, 2006 at 13:03:45 PST:

As we all know area 51 has moved to Green River, Utah. I mean it must be true since I read it in a magazine once. Well, since that story came out I have visited the base many times and could not find any evidence of anyone using that place.

One day in October I was driving past Green River and noticed a new trail going into the base. This trail was just calling out my name, so I decided to see where it went. It took me to a graded two lane road that I donít remember being there before. Going east, I came around a corner, and was met by a semi pulling a 30 foot long dumpster with semi wheels on the back, coming right at me. This surprised both me and the semi driver! Continuing along this road I came to a Y with 4 more of those dumpsters sitting side-by-side. Taking the left fork I soon met a man dressed in camo and sitting in a truck parked facing the other direction. He flagged me down and wanted to know what I was doing out there. I said I was just ďexploringĒ, and he said "I canít do that because they are drilling for oil out there." Now, I am not too bright, but I do know what an oil drill rig looks like and there werenít any there. I asked him if this road I was on went to the main highway and he said ďNo, you have to go back out the way you came inĒ. I also mentioned that there werenít any NO TREASPASSING signs there. He said,Ēthatís why I am hereĒ. He didnít follow me out, so whatever was so important was probable down that road.

My guess is that after all these years, with people going everywhere out there, that a No Trespassing sign would have caused an awful lot of attention they didnít want. Maybe it really did move.


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