Strange Contrails over Welsh Army Range

Message posted by Clive Denton on June 02, 2001 at 18:37:41 PST:

I see in the pictures in the Black projects section that the close look at the donuts on a string contrails do make you think of what sort of craft left them. I live right next to the Epynt firing range here in Wales,UK. It's a large area of welsh country side and is kept under access restrictions a bit like Area 51 but not on such a large scale. any way, I know of a lot of places to go to get a good look at the range and have noticed in the skys some extremely strange contrails that just dont seem normal. I Will take some Photos of them to send in for all to studie. But I cant go up there at the moment because of extra policing by both civilian police and of the military police as well as patrols by the SAS all Guarding the range because they are disposing of all the sheep and cattle carcasses from all over wales up there, all have been slaughtered due to the Foot & Mouth epidemic that has gripped our country. But I will try because they are such unusual formations.


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