re joerg's message regarding credibility on site

Message posted by T on November 20, 2006 at 18:38:35 PST:

As a new "poster" but not new as an interested party to the topics as they come into my in-box each day, I must state that since "chris" posted his pic, albeit a hoax, my immediate reaction is not lack of credibility as such, but look how many folks really delved into the situation to come up with the proof that a hoax, did in fact, occur. My email in-box never had such a work-out with all the postings, prompting me to "sign up" to post finally. I do agree, however, that this site is for a more serious nature, and it is a shame that some would use it for other than it is intended. Joerg and the rest of you folks keep up the good work, and THANK YOU All for the many entertaining topics I have been enjoying for the past year or so.


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