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since the first emplacement of anti-aircraft guns over-reaction by AAA has caused huge amounts of wasted munitions, friendly fire losses and local damage more than possibly imanaginable. The locals living in Wakiki were devastated by the barrage of poorly fused shells that severely damaged the city during the navy's AAA during the Pearl Harbor attacked, but everything was blamed on the Japanese (who did not expend one bomb or bullet outside Pearl Harbor). An airborne skytrain was savaged and hundreds of paratroopers were killed over Italy when the ships off of an invasion beach opened up on a formation of C-47's causing dozens of aircraft lost. I'm sure the munitions that were triggered off by the false sighting was followed by lots of claims of hits on bad guys. Overall, the invasion fears and unrelenting boredom mixed together with kids and big guns resulted in the story that we have today.

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