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Message posted by doctorwho on October 24, 2006 at 22:21:26 PST:

Dear Steve,
Very nice to hear from you in reply.
I would have relied sooner, but I've had some Sontarans to sort out.....

I can sympathise with your position as in my own field, I too write on subjects that run against the accepted wisdom, but I can only encourage you to remain committed to that honest and free thinking of which you speak of and clearly adhere to.
Its not easy at times and we live in times for a while now that see new or different ideas as unwanted and even threatenng it seems, but the struggle in itself brings its own rewards as you intimate as some are open to other voices with somethng to say like your good self. I encourage you to persist my friend as a fellow writer and with something different to say.

Thanks too for your comments on my observations.
I was intrigued at your information of the black delta's not having any vertical tail structures (if I understand your wording correctly).
I see a straight trailing edge on the black delta's overall and not a saw toothed B-2 or Teal Cameo like planform .
So if we combine your observations on the lack of vertical tail surfaces, we seem to be in the realm of an A-12 Avenger like planform, tailess and a spanloader
flyng wing type- assuming the trailing edge is quite straight.

Those who argue for F-14's should consider the longitudinal axis is foreshortened but taken in context of height and downrange distance that you saw these delta's Steve.
Could you estimate their height and downrange distance from your position Steve?.
One would expect if its wasn't too extreme, that the F-14 would still exhibit a longer longitudinal axis compared with a shorter lateral axis if they were F-14's.
These black delta's seem to be the reverse Steve, shorter longitudinal axis and wider lateral axis.
Thus I think you may be corrent and these are not F-14's and something different.
I'll study the video more though.

Finally we in Australia are well familiar with TF-30's on our clapped out F-111C/G's (how I wish we and the RAF had the better TSR.2 instead.. such a loss ..sigh).
Local conditions can affect sound, but hearing TF-30's on our F-111's, its always a steady roar and not hollow sounding, I've not heard F-110's, but I think the sound is another factor of sinificance as you suggest Steve.

Again its been nice to hear from you and I encourage you to maintain your efforts. Good to compare notes from afar.
I hope to hear from you again and best of health to you for Australia,

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