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Message posted by doctorwho on October 19, 2006 at 1:48:31 PST:

Dear Steve,
I for one appreciate your investigations over the years on these matters and have been intrigued from afar (in Australia) on your resesearch. I commend your dedication.
Some comments as I see them on your videos.

The pair of delta's seem to have trailing edge protrusions, two of them. Perhaps engine exhaust areas?.
I'm wondering what the role of such an plane would be, subsonic most likely.
I'm reminded of an article in Interavia magazine in recent years on tests with an X-45 surrogate in which Boeing used various current types to simulate an x-45 strike.
An unmentioned aircraft was a manned wide area survaillance type (which Boeing refused to identify in this test).
Now it could be a U-2, but I'll take a punt and suggest it was a black aircraft perhaps like your videoed delta types you enclose here.
I've often wondered about the role of such a delta, perhaps wide area manned surveillance is it, useful adjunct to less survivable RQ-4's?.

Many thanks for your efforts Steve.
An Australian friend.

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