Re: New Structure at Groom

Message posted by Tom on October 17, 2006 at 18:07:50 PST:

It's a very curious structure indeed, due to its height. Compare it to the big dish antennas and the JANET 737. If it were a standard drill rig, it would probably be only half as tall. Its height is reminiscient of the "rack" towers at the NTS (lacking the exterior siding). There were two reasons those were so tall. The first is that they were drilling VERY deep and with large diameter, and it allowed for longer segments of drill rod. Second, the long nuclear rack had to be assembled in the structure then lowered in the hole, so it had to be tall.

Neither of those two concepts seem to apply here ('cept maybe a deep hole for a new alien base). As a wild ass guess, I'd say some sort of association with DYCOMMS, perhaps as a structure to hold some sort of radar array? It seems very odd to me to build something as tall as that so close to the flightpath...unless it's supposed to be close to the path for radar measurements.

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