A little romance, a little Red FlagÖ

Message posted by Gregos on October 13, 2006 at 12:23:58 PST:

I had some time off and wanted to go up to Rachel to watch some Red Flag Ėbut didnít want to get divorced doing it! Easy solution: take your wife on a romantic overnight stay at the Windmill Ridge cabins in Alamo. They are brand new, very clean and best off all, non-smoking cabins just before you hit the 93 & 318 intersection coming from Las Vegas.


After a good night sleep and a huge breakfast at the cabins, we headed up to Rachel for Red Flag. While gassing up in Ash Springs, we heard several sonic booms and saw some flares popped! Since we were almost there we had all morning to kill, so we made a trip to the front gate border. After that we went to Rachel for a quick look then set up chairs to watch the sky from the gravel parking lot near Groom Lake Road. Unfortunately, everything was high in the sky so it was uneventful. Iím glad we didnít climb Coyote Summit! We did hear some chatter over the scanner. Too bad, it was a gorgeous day up there -not a cloud in the sky. Also attached are photos from Nellis the day before. Better luck next time!

PS Thanks to Hank for passing along the cabin Info. We passed them several times during construction but didnít have the name.

Attached link: http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?p=999&gid=13182848&uid=5244554


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