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Message posted by JohnK on October 11, 2006 at 8:05:14 PST:

Guys, think this through before you get all worked up.

1. Todays Pravda is closer to the Weekly World News than any real newspaper

2. I think that a "giant" comet approaching earth would be observable to the naked eye by now if it were going to come that close. A comet's tail is millions of miles long. And yes I think we would we still see the tail if it were on a collision course. If it is pointing directly at us several weeks from collision then it would miss.

3. Do you really think the new media has the ability to keep quiet about anything? Even if it might be beneficial? Do a news search on Google and you will see there is no reputable news source reporting this.

4. With all the professional and amateur sky watchers on this planet why is nobody else confirming his observations and calcualtions. Is there a global conspiracy among astronomers to keep this quiet?


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