Re: My Trip To Area 51 (With Lots Of Pictures!)

Message posted by lone wolf on October 10, 2006 at 1:01:50 PST:
There is a place nearby where you took this photo to park. If you are heading towards Rachel, the spot is on your right. It is slightly higher than the road, and narrow, so you have to back into it to park there. I use the spot once in a while to scan the base if the road to the powerlines looks marginal.

I haven't parked at this spot at night, but I think this is where Joerg says you can see the light of the guard shack.

Note the ET Highway sign at the 318 intersection was on the ground near it's sign post. Eventually, it was the subject of an alien abduction.

The old casino is where the locals used to park for the bus. At the moment, I can't remember why they changed to the spot near the ET Highway sign. Maybe they couldn't use the lot when the Alien Jerky guy was there. Talking to some locals in Alamo, the casino is the bar in the famed "Jeremiah Weed" story. [If you google the book Sierra Hotel, you can download it for free. It has the Jeremiah Weed story in it.]

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