Re: Nellis airshow arrivals

Message posted by Hank on October 07, 2006 at 6:13:36 PST:

I dont think that their is a definitive answer as the weather in November can be almost anything. They seem to prefer bringing the heavies on a straight in approach over Apex landing north to south on 21L. The majority of the time it seems that the fighters will take the same route except they will not do a straight in. They will overfly the fence and then break left or right. In this scenario the best photo ops are from between gate A and B across the street at the Speedway.
In case the wind is blowing the other way the pattern will change to landing south to north on 3R. The photo op here is at the dead end of Cheyenne with the golf course on your left. This is a good time to have a scanner handy with the approach freqs programmed in as the tower may change the pattern on the fly if the wind changes. Start watching for some activity on Wednesday and Thursday as Media Day is Friday. With the show open to the public on Saturday and Sunday.

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