Re: (OT) Whose bright idea was this?

Message posted by Chris McDowell on October 06, 2006 at 10:18:34 PST:

What I meant was, I wonder who thought this was a good idea. "Hmmm...let's put a conventional warhead on an ICBM, and launch it ballistically at a target. Yeah, I'm sure nothing could possibly go wrong if we did that. No one will think it's a nuke."

But leaving the possibility of a horrific misunderstanding aside, why do we need this capability? What is wrong with our current long-range conventional strike force (cruise missiles from subs/aircraft/ships, or other weapons delivered from B-2s?) The only conceivable answer I can think of would be response time, but even that is shaky, in my opinion. Sure, and ICBM could reach a target in, what? 20-30 minutes? But factor in all of the steps taken in the approval process for such a strike, and that time increases exponentially, I would think.

Sorry to ramble.

Chris M.

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