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Message posted by Mick on October 05, 2006 at 0:33:12 PST:

Ok lets see where should i start? i dont think anyone has LEFT the site due to me posting a few ufo/OT posts, now you have all ready made a few leave by telling me im bringing the site down(yea right come on). And rodge i did search for and expanation for the "flying humanoid," and found one site that had info here ill share it with you :)

Rodge i love how you turn in to a teacher and tell me i only right short to one sentence replies, Is there a rule under DLR i must post a 3 sentence or more? I dont recall there is one...

Moveing on

Bob Lazar clamed to work at S-4 said to be where rodge??? ding ding, behind area 51 so i belive that Bob lazar i half on the area 51 topic.....

Yes other people may like my input, and because you dont like it? what should i do stop posting? i dont think so this is U S A i have ever right to post what i think and how i feel about area 51 ect.

P.S. How long have you been comeing to the site cause im goin in my 3ed year.

Thanks for your time


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