Airstrip information in Area 19 with buildings

Message posted by Keith on October 02, 2006 at 18:22:01 PST:

Can anyone explain what I am seeing on google earth @ 37 24 12.29 n 116 14 32.61 w. Is this a Janet airplane landing on a dirt strip runway or so it appears to be such, at the very least an airplane with a deformity on it's right wing. Perhaps google is mingling images and showing a crater and wing at the same time. Surrounding this landing area are two circles with 6 U's each then there is a larger oval NNE of the coordinates that contains only two U-shaped objects in the center. At the very end of this strip there are 3 u-shaped configurations within various geometric shapes,
If you follow the roads out of this area from the end of the runway, they connect to a road leading basically North and South. On the southern sojourn there are 4 features that are not part of Nature that appear. Nature does not make right angles. Even a leaf that appears to be a square, upon magnification, the angles dissolve to reveal curvatures
At the coordinates of 37 23 20.02 N 116 12 34.00 W there are 4 objects that are man made as man is the only one who makes squares and angles. Although on the surface the road system appears to continue into the center of the various squares and rectangles among the sage brush and dust.
Any ideas on what this could be?


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