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Message posted by Magoo on November 02, 2000 at 02:59:40 EST:

Hi Steve

The site has been on the links page of this site since February, and I stumbled across it accidentally last November whilst researching an article.

It as comprehensive a site as I have ever seen, and is continually updated. I have to go back to it at least once a week to keep up with things. The only issue I would have with it, is that many of the links on some of the older articles and reference sections don't work anymore, and really need cleaning up.

Many of the links in the Aircraft reference ("...commonly seen") article of Nellis Air Exercises section of this site that Richard, Joerg and I put together, are to the FAS site as well.

They probably do lean a little left of centre, but I suppose a bit of balance isn't too out of order.



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