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Message posted by dog on October 01, 2006 at 19:09:39 PST:

Not trying to "rain on your parade", but since when can a Admiral, General, or "group of officers" decide that the U.S. Flag code doesn't need to be followed? It is LAW. Are these the same people that say we don't need to illuminate the flag when flown at night? Along with all the other ways our country has found to disrespect the flag since 911. Also, I wouldn't worry about NASCAR and the other "so called" "patriotic" groups - watch and see how many people you see that even use the "civilian" salute - most stand with their hands behind them or don't even stop talking. I have only seen one NASCAR race team that every member on the team used the civilian salute and that is because they are sponsored by the Army. Shrub didn't even salute at Daytona in 2005 when they presented the colors or sang the national anthem. Maybe it is time everyone should refresh themselves by actually reading AND following the U.S. Flag Code.

I'll get off my box now.


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