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Message posted by lone wolf on September 30, 2006 at 23:53:20 PST:

They are flight planning documents used by the DOD. For instance, the coordinates of the refueling tracks are in the FLIP, as well as the frequencies used on the route. A number of the Red Flag frequencies are documented in the FLIP.

For copyright reasons I don't really understand, the FLIP will not be available to the general public on line. Since the information isn't classified, it may be available as a FOIA, hopefully on CDROM as the thing would be a brick if you printed it out.

Federal frequencies are in the FLIP, and to some degree federal frequencies are not allowed to be published. I use the words "to some degree" because a thread on the fedcom mailing list indicates that it is possible to get federal/military frequencies piecemeal. What you can't get anymore is the IRAC, which was a complete directory of federal frequencies.

I noticed that most of the "area arrival" charts are now gone from the FLIP website. I archived everything and will figure out what is legal to upload. I'm sure the whole website will show up in Europe, much like the technical order 00-105E-9.

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