Seeing C-5s

Message posted by Chris McDowell on September 19, 2006 at 19:55:25 PST:

There's a wing of Galaxys (the 433rd) stationed here in San Antonio, at what used to be Kelly AFB (now part of Lackland AFB). There's a road that passes within about 30 yards of the end of the runway. You're actually in the middle of the strip of approach lights. It's you, then a fence, then about 30 yards of grass, then the runway. Pretty cool. Anyway, I like to park there sometimes and just watch the planes come in (the prevailing winds here mean that you're usually in the landing path). Let me tell you - watching those big guys come at you rp close and I said, pretty cool. :)

When Kelly was still open it was a major ALC (Air Logistics Center), which meant all sorts of jets came there for maintenance. Those were the days for spotting. Now it's just the C-5s, plus a wing of ANG F-16s and some T-38s, although you'll occasionally see other stuff.

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