Re: Of course we know... CORRECTION; A51 Test Site

Message posted by Spooky_Dogg on May 22, 2001 at 22:50:59 PST:

Relative to the referenced former Nazi individuals, yes, some of them were assigned to Los Alamos and to White Sands as well as a couple other Nuke sites between 1945-1965.

However, while there have been, and currently are, black projects that have been completed, and others
in developmental stages at the site in question, these have no relation to the skills of these individuals that were better utilized elsewhere, albeit a couple
were present on site when the AEC was testing low yield
devices in the 1950's.

You're looking at the wrong site for any research other than aeronautical or aerospace related matters.

Do you really believe that they would do their DNA and/or genetic and Robotic research in such a over-popularized Site? I think not. In FACT, I KNOW.

Yes, there IS such research projects in existence; ironically, it IS being conducted while hiding in PLAIN sight, right in front of you.

NO, I WON'T tell you. There are enough clues for
you sleuths to figure it out. SOME of you also KNOW
the TRUTH as well as I.

The only hint that I will leave you is look at some East Coast "Army" "Medical" facilities....

Hint: THIS facility is NOT in Atlanta. It is purely
a high-security MILITARY facility testing VERY NASTY stuff for the K-factor (kill-factor) for potential robotic weapons-loading to go up against the next generation of our nastier enemies.

As DUPONT would say, better things through chemistry....

or as our friends from SIEMENS, our old Zyklon-B pals, used to say,
better things for death through chemistry....

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