Re: Photo: The inside of a Janet(?)

Message posted by Dave B on September 15, 2006 at 20:24:05 PST:

History of that aircraft:

Serial number 20693 LN340

27/02/1974 US Air Force 72-0286
01/12/1980 US Air Force 72-0286
01/09/1986 Keyway Air Transport N99890
01/10/1987 Keyway Air Transport N57JE
01/09/1992 EG & G N5177C

Those are UAL seats...I am with you most likely a bogus pic taken onboard a UA B733. On the other hand they could have bought seats from UAL and put them in, but I would think Verizon or GTE would have wanted their phones back...There were several UAL 737-200s parked at McCarran. Maybe they got seats from the one they broke up there??? I have couple of sets of UAL seats from the DC-10 the broke up next to the Janet terminal a few years back. I talked to the leasing company them made an offer then removed them myself with help from the folks at Omni Air and Signature.

We fly several 737-200s with Delta interiors in them...Delta was selling off 737-200 interiors a few years back...



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