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Message posted by Jason on September 06, 2006 at 12:27:28 PST:

I was parked next to them observing the shack back on August 16th.....We thought them to be rather strange, too. They looked as though they were large spools used for spooling some wiring or cable of some sort. I thikn I caught them on my home video - I may have to take a gander at them again. We also noticed some ground wire of some sort running over top of the ground in that area, but who knows....

We noticed a white pickup truck, which from a distance looked as though it were a mid 90's model Ford, zipping around the area. Before we were able to clearly see the shack, that truck came barreling toward us, but then all of a sudden sped off down one of the dirt roads toward Rachel. As we continued on toward the Back Gate, we again saw the truck...this time off to our immediate right, as he sped back toward the Back Gate, going through it and on to the base.Thought it was weird, but with them ya can never tell for sure what they're up to....I assume that if one of the domes atop Bald Mountain concentrates on the floor of Tikaboo Valley to monitor activities around the area, that maybe we were scoped to see what we were doing? Wouldnt be a huge surprise LOL.

One thing though, we felt as though we were more of a concern at the Back Gate than when we parked at the border of Groom Lake Road LOL.

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