Re: Can I take pictures from the border

Message posted by Hank on September 03, 2006 at 6:31:02 PST:

What is the source for the statement "Iam sure if you push it they will be happy to step in"? If you do not cross the border you will have no contact with the cammos. They will track you visually to make sure that you dont cross but that is the extent of their activity. Their is no interaction between the cammos and any visitors as long as the border is respected. A first time visitor to the area may avoid GLR due to reading such a post. Part of the mission of this site is to encourage people to visit the area. We try to provide the most accurate information available to help them do this. The cammos mission is to protect the border from trespassers, no more no less. They wont shoot you, or run you down, or lob grenades at you. It is ok to travel to any of the three gates explore, take photos, and hike the perimeter as long as you dont violate the border. Take your binoculars, camera, and scanners and enjoy your trip.

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