Re: Tour of Andrews AFB

Message posted by joe inman on August 28, 2006 at 21:02:31 PST:

dude... who cares its just GW bush...the president of the united states.....the most powerful man of the world. Ya know, he must be as stupid as people say he is. With that much power, he doesn't have enough smarts to get a blowjob in the oval office...or he didn't know what that funny feeling down below was?\\

Just kidding...(did you hear that secret service...IT WAS A JOKE) Sounds like it was a cool trip. Pretty cool to see that even if ya don't like the dude. My only contact for any president runner is my dad. He was the the campaign coordinator for dennisKucinich in utah. Oh bring on the barrage. He is my dad, I dont agree with him.

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