Re: I will be in Vegas September 30 - October 5

Message posted by lone wolf on August 20, 2006 at 18:58:14 PST:

Just a word of advice here. If you post your email address, you may get some replies regarding the hike. However, there is nothing to prevent some spammer from getting it, so you might want to use a throw away address.

Hmmh, I see I got mail from a person named Waxwork S. Tenderized. I wonder if that is spam... ;-)

Back to Tikaboo, September is a good month. October might or might not be cold. I camped out in October on Tikaboo during or after one of the flags and it was freezing. In fact, it was freezing at the base since I can hear the weather on their VOR. It's something like 2 degrees per 1000ft (maybe 2.5?), so it's at least 10 degrees colder on Tikaboo than at Groom Lake. I have a military thermal hat with the flaps and strap, and it comes in handy. I also have a balaclava. It wouldn't be unreasonable to have the temperature drop into the twenties in the early AM, so be prepared.

The one that gets me is the TTR. You are not really much higher than the base, but the TTR can really get cold.

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