Re: OT- Hawaii UFO looked like a wayward missile

Message posted by The Major on August 20, 2006 at 0:02:40 PST:

I doubt I'll see any follow-up in the papers around here, but I'll keep an eye out.
It is a curious sighting, for sure. Daytime and plenty of witnesses that describe the same thing (but can't agree on the size or it's direction of travel). The only military post on the Big Island (Army's Pohakuloa Training Area, located between Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea) is used primarily for artillery/mortar training.
So, what are the options?
1) SAM: No Go - Nothing blew up/nobody seems terribly concerned.
2) UAV: ??? - No fins/control surfaces, loud
3) Hydra 70 Rocket/M274 training warhead: ??? - On the small size, has tiny rear fins, Pohakuloa does train with helicopters and I have seen them near the Hilo airport (accidentally fired a rocket, perhaps?)
4) Radio-controlled hoax: ??? - Pretty elaborate hobby technology for a hoax, especially if it was closer to 12 feet long than a foot.
5) Black Project Technology/Foreign Surveillance Drone: ??? - Why spy on Hilo?
6) Pocololo: +++ Best option out of the previous five, but all witnesses would have had to be exposed to the "plume"
Anybody else have ideas... terrestrial ones? Are there any noisy, tube-shaped RC drones that could be fired from a submarine like a cruise missile? It was loud - perhaps pulse jet propulsion (eg. V-1 buzz bomb)?
I'm just guessing... or could you tell?

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