Re: OT- Hawaii UFO looked like a wayward missile

Message posted by The Major on August 19, 2006 at 13:51:00 PST:

Hey, I've been on the Big Island since the 6th! In fact, this past week I have been only 25 miles SSW of the Hilo airport! Odd sighting... Happened Tuesday, the 15th. Multiple witnesses with conflicting details on length, and direction of travel. No details on type of flight (ballistic vs. controlled changes in 3 axes), radar verification... Awfully loud for a UAV. On the surface, it sounds like a missile, but who would be shooting missiles over a populated area like Hilo (besides Kim Jung the Ill and terrorists with SAMs)? The TSA and the FBI are investigating the incident, and I guess that makes sense in that the incident occurred over Class C airspace. There was nothing about the incident in the on-line version of the local Hilo newspaper, the Hawaii Tribune-Herald, but I did find a more detailed story in the on-line version of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin (see link). Wonder if there will be any follow-up stories?

Of course, there is always the "pocololo" connection...

The Major

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