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Message posted by jamestk123 on August 10, 2006 at 6:57:38 PST:

Thank you all for all of the interesting reply's. I am absoulutely sure it is not Warren Jeffs or any polygamists. Polygamists usually do not finish their homes for several years after starting to avoid paying taxes on a completed home.

It was also good to hear that some military food service could be civilian and make lots of money. (too bad for the rest of us).

As to what we do out in the sticks, I am semi-retired from the local school district and do some part time substituting and assist with coaching wrestling. Just thought I would pass on one little tidbit of information about my neighbors that I intend to get to know better. My wife was letting our new puppy out last night around 12:30am (I guess this morning) and their was what she thought was a black sedan by the gate to their driveway. She reported that it had government plates on it. When the dog was finished, she came back outside a few minutes later and it was gone. I guess it should not worry us too much. I am probably not going to try and 'listen' to their ham radio signals either. Not much into sitting in a small room with headphones attached to my head.

Thank you all for your input.

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